# 56 – Monday , April 9th 2018




    password:blood, sweat and tears


    the hardworker always gives his blood, sweat and tears.


    = suer sang et larmes




    sweat /e/ VS sweet /i:/




    Writing an E-mail.




    Subject: fire




    Dear Sir/Madam




    I'm writing to inform you of a fire. Could you help me extinguish it please?


    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


    Kind regards.




    M. Moss




    • Video IDK BFF ROSE 




    This is a humorous commercial / TV advert made by AT&T.


    The video is about unlimited messaging contract.


    The scene takes place in a family and in a living room.


    The mother is scolding / reproaching the kids and the grandmother because they


    are addicted to their phones and they used all the phone credits.


    They answer in abbreviations (ex: BFF, UGH, IDK, MYOB) because it's faster, shorter and


    their credits are limited.




    Phone contract /package = forfait téléphone


    to scold = gronder


    a commercial = une pub (TV)


    ad/advert/advertisement = une publicité


    humorous = humouristique





    apprendre la leçon par coeur + finir la fiche abbréviations.



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