# 56 – Monday , April 9th 2018




    password:blood, sweat and tears


    the hardworker always gives his blood, sweat and tears.


    = suer sang et larmes


    sweet VS sweat /e/


    blood = sang


    tears = larmes






    Writing an E-mail




    Subject: Fire!


    Dear Sir/Madam,




    I'm writing to inform you of a fire and I need your help!


    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


    All the best,




    Maurice Moss








    it's a humorous advert/commercial


    The scene takes place in the living room of a family.


    The mother is very angry because the whole family totally used the


    phone contract.


    She is scolding them because they sent too many texts.


    They are talking with abbreviations (IDK, BFF, etc.) to show that addicted to


    text messages.




    Humorous (adj) = humouristique


    commercial = pub TV


    ad/advert/advertisement = une publicité


    phone contract = forfait téléphone


    to scold = gronder


    send / sent / sent = envoyer







    apprendre la leçon


    compléter la fiche abréviation


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