# 57 – Friday , April 13th 2018




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    = au fait!






    This is a humorous ad/advert/advertisement/commercial


    for AT&T, a telephone operator.


    A mother is switching off the TV to scold her kids and her mother.


    They used all the credits and so the bill is very expensive.


    There are subtitles because they speak like in text messages.


    It suggests that they are addicted to technology.


    They should take AT&T unlimited contract.


    They shouldn't phone too much




    humorous = humouristique humour= humour


    ad/advert/advertisement = publicité


    commercial = spot publicitaire to scold= gronder


    a bill = facture expensive VS cheap = cher VS bon marché


    subtitles= sous titres suggest = suggérer


    phone contract = forfait téléphone



    Exprimer le CONSEIL 




    S + SHOULD + BV = You should eat a salad


    S + SHOULDN'T+BV= She shouldn't eat pizzas








    apprendre la leçon


    savoir exprimer le conseil


    apprendre les abréviations SMS



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