• # 57 – Monday , April 29th 2018

    password: whatever!

    = peu m'importe

    = laisse tomber = nevermind


    Pour former l'impératif à la forme affirmative on

    utilise la Base Verbale = play with your friends!

    pour former l'interdiction (=impératif à la forme

    négative) on utilise DON'T devant la Base Verbale

    = Don't touch it!



    1. you / go to the supermarket

    Go to the supermarket!
    2. we / have a drink
    Have a drink!
    3. you / not to smoke
    Don't smoke!
    4. we / not to take the car

    Don't take the car!


    The voice of EA Sports

    step 1: anticipation

    maybe we are going to hear the voice

    of the presenter of EA sports.

    I suppose that we are going to hear

    the name of the voice

    step 2: clues

    there is no music nor sounds

    there is only one voice.

    It's a man's voice. It is very deep and low.

    Then man is talking in a microphone.

    no.... nor = ni.... ni...

    deep voice = voix profonde (grave)

    low = grave VS high= aigüe


    homework: connaitre la leçon par coeur (impératif + Ea sports)



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