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    password: whatever!

    = peu m'importe/ ça m'est égal

    = laisse tomber



    Correction documents:


    document 1: 

    it is a funny/humorous cartoon.

    The scene takes place in a living room and a bedroom

    the man looks tired because he is spending too much time on his computer.

    He is addicted to technology

    he should get off his computer but shouldn't take his phone in his bed.

    The document wants/intends to inform people about the dangers of technology such as


    The screens prevent him from sleeping.


    Get off the computer: lâcher l'ordinateur

    humorous = humoristique

    spend time = passer du temps

    to prevent someone from V-ing = empêcher quelqu'un de faire quelque chose



    doc 2

    it's a poster about tips or advice for kids about the digital world to become a good digital citizen.

    You should think of the consequence of your posts

    you should stay away from negative comments.

    you shouldn't do negative contributions.

    you shouldn't copy or download illegaly.

    You shouldn't insult on the internet.

    The document aims at informing, protecting the kids and explaining the rules of the internet in order to become a good digital citizen.


    Tips = astuces

    citizen = citoyen

    a post = une publication

    stay away = rester à l'écart

    to download = télécharger vers le bas (télécharger)

    to upload = télécharger vers le haut (téléverser/mettre en ligne)


    homework: apprendre toute la leçon par coeur (interrogation) + savoir exprimer le conseil. 


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