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    Doc 1

    it is a humorous cartoon

    he should spend time with his friends.

    You shouldn't use your phone during the night

    he should turn off/get off his computer and go to bed

    he is addicted to technology

    he shouldn't stay on his phone in his bed but he should sleep instead.

    He is conscious that he should go to sleep but he is addicted to screen

    the artist aims at informing about the consequences of screens

    screens prevent people from sleeping.


    To spend time = passer du temps

    turn off = éteindre get off= lâcher/abandonner

    instead= au lieu de conscious= conscient

    aim at + V-ing = avoir l'intention de/ intend to + BV

    prevent somebody from + V-ing = empêcher qqn de faire qqch


    Doc 2

    this is a poster about rules, tips or advice given to kids in order to become good digital citizens

    it aims at protecting kids from the dangers of the Internet

    it intends to sensitize them or teach them how to behave correctly on the Net.

    Teens should think before they post.

    You should give credit and shouldn't download illegaly or copy things.

    Tip = astuce in order to = afin de

    sensitize = sensibiliser behave= se comporter

    to post = publier give credit = nommer la source

    to download= télécharger

    to upload = téléverser


    doc 3

    it is about digital footprint

    you should think before you post personal information on the net because of the digital footprint.

    It means that your data never disappears.



    apprendre toute la leçon par coeur (interro début d'heure)

    savoir exprimer le conseil



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