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    Audio document The voice of EA SPORTS.


    It is a short audio tutorial about the pronunciation of EA Sports

    by the actor Andrew Anthony. He is the voice of EA Sports

    he explains how to pronounce the line correctly.

    He has got a deep voice

    he is probably in a recording studio.

    He teaches us the Correct pronunciation of the line:

    Intonation, inflexion, pronunciation and delivery of the line

    you need to be happy

    the volume must be firm and aggressive.

    you must stress all the words

    you must pronounce with a happy attitude

    the line is: "EA Sports, it's in the game!"


    line = phrase record= enregistrer

    delivery = livraison / prononciation firm= ferme

    stress= accentuer a deep/low voice = une voix grave

    a high-pitched voice= une voix aigüe

    the pitch of the voice= la hauteur de voix



    Apprendre la leçon et être prêt pour les duels de prononciation

    ACTION : Pronounciation contest« EA Sports, it's in the game ! »


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