• # 59 – Thursday , May 3rd 2018


    password: fit like a glove

    = aller comme un gant


    document 1

    it's a cartoon by Adam Ellis

    he uses his computer at 3 am and goes to bed but with his phone

    he is conscious that he is addicted to screens

    he should spend less time on the net and he should go to bed early

    he is an insomniac

    he should sleep instead of surfing the net

    the artist intends to criticize the addiction to screens

    document 2

    it's a poster about the rules/ tips to become a good digital citizen

    there is one introductions and 5 tips

    you should think before you post because the Internet never forgets.

    You should protect the privacy of others: you shouldn't post your

    baby's photos.

    You shouldn't insult

    you should respect the copyright and shouldn't download illegaly

    you should spread the love


    homework: apprendre les deux textes par coeur (interro)


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