# 58 – Thursday , May 3rd 2018


    password: fit like a glove

    = aller comme un gant


    doc 3

    It is about digital footprint

    A footprint is a trail you leave behind you

    a digital footprint is the trail you leave everytime you go on the Net.

    You should be careful/prudent and be aware because the Internet never forgets!

    you should think before you post personal information on the net because of the digital footprint.

    It means that your data never disappears.


    A footprint = une empreinte de pied

    a fingerprint= une empreinte digitale

    a trail = une trace (empreinte)

    to leave = laisser

    be careful = faire attention

    be aware = être conscient





    Etre prêt à parler de sa video

    apprendre le document 3 par coeur




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