• # 60Friday , May 4th 2018


    password: May the fourth be with you

    today is the international Star Wars day


    MOMA Museum



    probably the scene takes place in a museum

    The scene must take place in a museum

    I think that the scene takes place in a museum

    the video may be about retro or old school video games.

    I assume that there are characters,games or consoles such as

    Pac Man, Donkey Kong, the Gameboy, NES, Tetris, etc.


    Les mots en vert expriment la supposition


    The scene takes place in the MoMA (Museum of Modern Arts)

    it is an exhibition of video games.

    The objective is to tell the people that video game designers

    and programmers are artists and the video games are Arts.


    Homework: Apprendre la leçon par coeur.


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