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    the document is a documentary by AFP about an interactive

    exhibition of retro video games in the MoMA.

    There are many visitors who can play the games.

    The director, Paul Gallaway, says his objective is to tell that

    video games designers are like modern artists.

    We can play for example Pacman and Tetris on the screens.

    The museum is comparing the games to modern paintings.

    In fact, video games can be compared to works of arts. They are

    similar to video games.

    Pacman and Tetris are masterpieces.


    Interactive exhibition = exposition interactive.

    Designer = un concepteur to design= concevoir

    screen = écran to compare to = comparer à be similar to= être semblabe à

    painting= une peinture a painter= un peintre peindre= to paint

    in fact = en fait work of art= oeuvre d'art masterpiece= chef-d'oeuvre


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