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    password: Ditto

    = idem/ pareil


    Correction of the videos


    this video is a campaign about the consequences of posting

    private information on the Net.

    The scene takes place in the corridor of a highschool.

    A teenage girl is posting a sexy picture of herself on the public


    The other students take the picture and share it. They are

    shocked and they are mocking her.

    She tries to delete/remove it. However the picture never disappears

    /always reappear and is duplicated.

    She looks angry and desperate. Eventually, the janitor of the school

    takes the picture with a perverse look. He must be a sexual predator.

    You should think before you post anything on the Internet.

    The video aims at sensitize teenagers about the importance of being cautious/aware.


    A campaign = une campagne VS countryside (la campagne)

    to post= poster/afficher. highschool=lycée to mock someone= se moquer de qqn

    delete= supprimer remove= enlever/ôter disappear= disparaître

    appear= apparaître duplicate= dupliquer janitor= agent de service.

    Cautious= prudent aware= conscient



    moi-même, toi-même, lui-même....


    keywords video 1:

    Dark street

    lonely teens


    writing sms

    poker face/expressionless

    no one likes you

    sad/depressed/look grave

    sms sounds with echo


    spooky atmosphere/stressful atmosp


    apprendre la leçon par coeur

    + classer les mots clés de la vidéo 1 dans les WH-?

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