• # 60 – Monday , May 7th 2018


    password: Ditto

    = idem/ pareil


    The video is a cyberbullying campaign.

    In the video, many teenagers are sending sms on their

    phones and they are insulting someone (freak, loser, etc.)

    the atmosphere is scary, stressful, tense.

    At a moment a teenager says "that's enough". The message

    is that we must stop cyberbullying. It must cease!

    At the end the scene takes place in a cemetary/graveyard.

    We can see all the teenagers who are apologising, they say

    sorry, they regret their behavior/attitude.

    The mother is crying/weeping on her son's death/tombstone/

    grave. The burial looks very gloomy. 

    The video intends to sensitize about the consequences of cyberbullying which

    causes many youth suicides.

    A freak = a monster/strange person stressful, tense= stressant

    cease= cesser graveyard= cimetière apologize= s'excuser

    behavior= comportement to weep= pleurer to sob= sangloter

    tombstone= pierre tombale  /tuːm/ 

    burial= enterrement to bury= enterrer gloomy= glauque

    sensitize= sensibiliser youth (N)=jeunesse young(adj)


    homework: apprendre la leçon par coeur (PPC)


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