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    In order to +BV / So as to + BV/ To become = expriment un objectif, un but.


    You need to be = exprime le besoin

    you must be = exprime l'obligation

    you should be = exprime le conseil

    les formes négatives:

    in order to / in order not to = afin de/que / afin de ne pas

    so as to/ so as not to= pour / pour ne pas

    To/ not to = pour / pour ne pas

    you need to / you don't need to / you needn't

    you must/ you mustn't

    you should/ you shouldn't

    in order to become a good game programmer, you need to be

    creative, organised and imaginative. You should be good at computer

    science, maths.

    So as to become a good game designer, you must be artistic, imaginative,

    meticulous, creative. You should be good at arts, language, history and geography and literature.

    To become a good game audio engineer, you should be imaginative, creative and meticulous.

    You must be good at music, language and history.


    Afin de faire tes devoirs, tu devrais prendre un stylo et un cahier!

    In order to do your homework, you should take a pen and a notebook!

    Pour gagner tu dois tuer le boss final.

    To win you must kill the final boss.

    Pour sauver la princesse vous avez besoin d'une potion magique.

    So as to save the princess you need a magical potion / you need to have a magical potion.





    Gather some of your classmates (PW) and create a video game studio to make your own video game.


    1. Imagine your dream video game. Discuss and note down your ideas
    2. Create your video game hero or heroine
    3. draw the cover
    4. think about your audience! Choose the correct PEGI logos for your game and explain them.
    5. Practise your oral presentation with our team!


    Presentation of your Game on wednesday



    préparer son travail pour le test final


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