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    It is an informative video from a campaign to sensitize teenagers about

    the consequences of posting private things on the Net.

    The scene takes place in the corridor of a highschool.

    A girl is posting a sexy photo of herself on the board of the school.

    All the students take it and share it to duplicate/multiply it.

    They are excited, shocked or are mocking the girl.

    The girl is very angry, sad, desperate and she tries to take it off/erase/delete/remove it but

    the photo always reappears/never disappears.

    Eventually, the janitor takes off the picture with an excited look: he may be a sexual predator.

    The video aims at warning teenagers about the dangers of posting private things

    we should think before we post.

    The video is comparing the School board to the Internet.

    The highschool board is a metaphor of the Internet.


    a campaign= une campagne VS countryside


    corridor= couloir

    highschool= lycée

    duplicate= dupliquer

    to mock someone= se moquer de qqn

    desperate= désespéré(e)

    take off= enlever

    erase= effacer

    delete= supprimer

    remove= enlever/ôter


    janitor= agent de service

    to compare to = comparer à



    apprendre la leçon par coeur

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