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    password= a crook

    = un escroc


    this is an extract from the tv show Bake off Junior. 

    The video focusses on Tyrese.

    He is preparing a meal: saltfish and avocado with mango, apple and chicken canapes.

    In order to make this recipe /'resipi/, first you must fold the pastry. Then, you wrap it with a

    plastic film and you freeze it. Finally, you boil it. You can add sugar in the water in order

    to make it less salty.

    Tyrese was inspired by his aunt and his grandma.

    He is very happy, funny, serious and curious. Sometimes he annoys his parents.


    To focus on = se concentrer sur

    a meal= un repas

    a recipe = une recette

    to fold = plier

    pastry= la pâte

    to wrap=envelopper

    to freeze= congeler

    to boil= bouillir

    to add = ajouter

    salty= salé

    curious= curieux

    to annoy = embêter




    verbes d'actions (cuisine)

    presser = squeeze

    couper en rondelle/trancher = slice

    couper = cut

    ajouter = add

    mélanger = to mix

    chauffer = to heat

    fouetter = to whip

    glacer/faire un glaçage= to glaze.




    test vocabulaire: tout le vocabulaire de la leçon (video + verbes action)


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