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    = la malbouffe


    the scene may take place in Sherlock's office.

    The client was about to leave because maybe he was angry against Sherlock:

    he couldn't stand his attitude.

    Finally Sherlock managed to convince him to sit down.

    The client wanted to know how on earth he noticed all that.

    Watson reproached Sherlock of showing off.

    Sherlock started to explained how he noticed all that with his power of



    To leave = partir, quitter

    to be about to + BV = être sur le point de.

    Can't stand = ne pas supporter

    manage to+ BV= réussir à

    to convince = convaincre

    how on earth...?! = comment donc...?!

    to notice = remarquer

    to reproach someone = reprocher à qqn

    to show off= faire le beau/frimer


    expression de la certitude/l'incertitude avec les auxiliaires modaux:


    S + aux modal + BV

    90% = MUST

    50% = MAY

    10% = MIGHT





    il doit pleuvoir à Londres

    It may rain in London

    peut être qu'il pleut en Afrique

    it might rain in Africa

    Lilian Thuram joue peut être contre l'Australie

    Lilian thuram might play against Australia


    apprendre la leçon par coeur



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