#7 Tuesday, September 18th 2018


    mini me= priscile

    password: it's been a blast

    = on s'est éclatés!


    Assumptions/ suppositions/ hypothesis:


    maybe, perhaps, probably


    I think that ...

    I assume that ...

    I suppose that...



    Exprimer: "Il y a..."

    = There is + (singulier)

    = There are + (plurial)


    assumptions :

    Maybe there are three kids

    Perhaps there are two girls and one boy

    Probably the kids have got pets : a guinea pig and a puppy

    I think that the kids live in England

    I assume that the video is about the families of the kids

    I suppose that it is about the first meeting of the 3 kids


    Step 2= Clues


    • city, cars, street, cat meowing, bell, puppy, musical shoes(???)= talent?


    • one boy (adam?), two girls (amy and alice?)


    • guitar, happy


    homework: Thursday 20th

    • Savoir parler des clues avec l'émission d'hypothèses/suppositions.
    • Interrogation orale.




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