#6 Wednesday, September 19th 2018

    mini me = romain

    shame on you! = tu devrais avoir honte!


    Step 3 keywords:


    Situation 1

    Adam always late.

    Excuses (why?)

    lots of problems

    - first, alarm clock didn't ring

    - and sister bathroom . Wait for shower

    - and then : ran – missed bus

    so : walked to school

    but – rained

    consequence = finally/ eventually drenched.


    Faire une énumération

    first = premièrement, d'abord

    and,= et

    then = alors

    and then = et alors, et ensuite

    so = donc

    but= mais

    finally/ eventually= pour finir


    The scene takes place in Barnett school, in the corridors.

    The teacher looks and sounds angry and suspicious because Adam is always late.

    He had lots of problems. First his alarm clock didn't ring and is sister was in the bathroom

    so he waited to take a shower. And then Adam ran but missed the bus.

    So, Adam walked to school but it rained. Finally./eventually, as a consequence his

    uniform was drenched


    suspicious = suspect (adj)

    wait / waited = attendre

    run / ran = courir

    miss / missed = râter/ louper / manquer

    walk / walked = marcher

    rain / rained = pleuvoir

    drenched = trempé


    homework: Tuesday 25th

    Apprendre toute la leçon

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