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     Today's lesson is Written by André:

    After a long technical problem with my computer we managed to watch the following video:

    Here is what we said :


    It's a short animation movie .The scene takes place in a boy's bedroom on the desk .The robot is assembled (built) by the little boy.The robot needs electricity to live (move). It has a power cable plugged in its back .The robot wants to go outside because it's curious it tries to go outside .So it runs but it is stuck to the cable (prison/burden).

    It manages to unplug the cable (it succeeds in unplugging the cable) .
    Saying: Curiosity kills the cat .


    Then we resumed the lesson and we finished the text we were dealing with. Here is what we said:  


    - The doctor thinks that the gouvernement is hypocritical because on the one hand they want tourists to know Aboriginal culture to attract them , but on the other hand they don't respect their culture themselves.
    -They want to make money but they don't care about traditions and values .
    - Tourists damage (spoil) sacred places because they have no idea about their signifiance .


    We then worked on the intonation of lists with an audio document. Here is what we said: 


    When we pronounced a list ,the intonations of the list is rising .



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