• Hi Pirates!

    Today's lesson is written by Alizée !

    We corrected together the following document:

    Here is what we said:


    a) I have a sore thoat .

    b) I have a stomach ache .

    c) I am col .

    d) I have broken down .

    e) I have forgetten my room number .

    f)  I have a toothache .

    g) I am hot .

    h) I have a twisted my wrist .

    i) I have a oversleep .

    j) I have forget my leg .


    Vocabulary :

    To have a sore thoat : avoir la gorge irriter .

    To have a stomach ache : avoir mal au ventre .

    To break down : tomber en panne .

    To forget : oublier ( VIR : forget/forgot/forgetten ) .

    To have a toothache : avoir mal au dent .

    To twist : se tordre .

    Wrist : un poignet .

    To oversleep : oublier de se réveiller ( VIR : sleep/slept/slept ) .

    A leg : une jambe .


    Then we began to study the following sheet:

    Download « CAN/CAN'T/COULD »



    You must finish  the sheet "CAN/CAN'T, COULD"

    You will have the final test next thursday.

    Vous devez finir  la fiche

    Vous aurez le test final Jeudi prochain.

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