• Hi class!

    Today we finished the sheet about WH? Here is what we said:

    What .... like? " What do you look like?"

    " What is the hotel like?"

    What ... about? " What are you talking about?"


    le sujet = personne : WHO

    pour les choses: WHAT


    Who + groupe verbal: Who saw you yesterday?

    What + groupe verbal: What happens?

    How old --> How old are you?

    How often --> How often do you go to the dentist?

    How much --> how much is the radio?

    How long --> how long is the film? How long does the film last?

    How far --> how far do you live?

    How fast ---> how fast do you run?

    How heavy ---> how heavy is this bag?

    How Tall ---> How tall are you?



    Finir les exemples de l'exercice HOW

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