• Computer lab 3


    Step 0: Check that you have completed last time instructions HERE. Don't forget to post the address of your blog in the FORUM!!!


    Step 1: Make the description of the following picture and post it on your blog. HIGHLIGHT the keywords and underline the verbal form BE + VING!  If you need HELP, go to the PREP TEST section (10 pts)

    Computer lab 3



    Step 2: Complete the following document thanks to the work you did in class. You can see the activities done in class HERE.

    Post it on your blog. (30 pts)

    Computer lab 3


    Step 3: Create a vocabulary sheet with BUBBLUS. The mindmap must be about The ACTIONS of a hero and the VEHICULES he can use (Check your copybook or Brot2you to complete it). (30 pts)

    Computer lab 3

    Computer lab 3



    Step 4: Download the following document, complete it and post it on your blog: (30 pts)

    Step 5: Click on the following link to go on padlet, a virtual wall. Then follow the instructions. (50 pts)

    Computer lab 3

    Computer lab 3

    Step 6: find an action movie STORYBOARD on the internet. Download it.

    CREATE an account on THINGLINK. Upload the storyboard on it and tell an interactive story thanks to THINGLINK (50 pts)



    Step 7:FINAL STEP:

    Préparation de votre storyboard final. Utilisez des images, les logiciels proposés durant les étapes ci-dessus et créez votre storyboard pour Mardi prochain. Il faudra intégrer le vocabulaire vu en classe, les verbes prépositionnels, l'utilisation de BE+V-ing. Vous devrez présenter votre storyboard à l'oral.


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