• Your objective n°1:

    Create flowers that could be helpful for your pronunciation.


    In the middle of the flower, put the phonetic sound.

    In the petals, put examples of words with the sound represented in the middle of the flower.

    You must underline the letters which contain the sound.


    You can use the following link to find and write the phonetic symbols.


    You can use the following link to listen to the phonetic symbols:



    Create other flowers and find in your copybook words that could be put in the petals!

    Here is an example:



    Here is the model you can use:




    Your objective n°2:

    Download the following files:


    Download « I beg your pardon.mp3 »

    Download « I don't mind.mp3 »

    Download « What do you want from me.mp3 »


    Open one of the files in the software AUDACITY.

    Record your voice trying to match the sound waveform!!!

    If you want to create your own sentences, you can use the following website: FROM TEXT TO SPEECH


    Your objective 3:

    Use a mindmap maker online to create your vocab sheet based on what you studied this year.

    Here are some names: CLICK


    Your objective 4:

    Go to Mr Brot's Padlet wall and follow his example to draw your Chinese portrait!



    Your objective 5:

    Go to Tagxedo or Wordle and create a word cloud. The theme must be about this year's English class (feelings, objetcs, etc.)

    Post it on the Padlet's wall. You can create another one about the subject you want.



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