Computer room


    Step 1 - Create your blog with eklablog and customize it. The topic of your blog must be about the protection of the environment. The name of your blog must be composed of the names of the creators.

    STep 2 - create a new article and insert last time lesson about 2012. Highlight the key words.  Insert the trailer video too.

    Step 3 - Find a funny GIF about the protection of the environment and put it on the left side of your blog!

    Step 4 - Copy the following picture of the Hurricane Katrina in an article of your blog and make its description:

    Computer room


    Step 5 - Go to your Prep Test category and do the exercices in the "lexique" category.

    Step 6 - Find a mindmap maker online (Bubblus or text2mindmap) and create a mindmap about NATURAL DISASTERS. Post it on your blog

    Step 7 - Download the following SHEET, do the activity and POST it on your blog.

    Step 8 - Download the following documents:

    Download « California - risk.odp »

    Download « risks of natural catastrophe in California - fiche élève.odt »


    Thanks to the following structures, express the probabilities of the natural disasters in California:



    OBJ : exprimer la probabilité à différents degrés.


    WILL > MUST > MAY > MIGHT > WON’T + base verbale du verbe.


    100%                     50%                     0%



    Post your paragraph in a new article


    Step 9 - Post the link to your blog in the Forum (find the correct topic)

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