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    #63 monday , may 4th




    • Je sais décrire et interpréter un teaser.







    Pictures/ video

    Monk : running, striking a gong – bald, red and yellow Tibetan uniform. Afraid/scared/terrified



    Mountains :snowy, very high, Himalaya – HIGHEST mountains (Everest)


    huge Tsunami = as high as the Everest


    tibetan temple : being destroyed by the Tsunami


    writings: 6 billion people

    end of the world / government/ 2012

    The monk wants to warn the world that the end of the world is coming.

    If wants to save the people because there is a terrible danger /hazard


    To show how important is the danger.






    The end of the world is going to take place in 2012.


    Sounds of bees or flies (violin)

    sound of the gong( percussions) : regular + slow


    sounds of steps running

    sound of repetition piano (2 notes)

    sound of water

    breathings = gasping(breathless)

    Bees detect the danger = migration of the bees

    flies eat the dead bodies / corpses


    gong = suggests there is a menace/threat



    running + breathing = emergency


    sounds of piano = countdown to the end of the world. No time left








    Trailer #2





    Natural disasters: 








    volcano eruption










    houses fall/collapse


    cities are sinking






    apprendre la leçon + faire les exercices en ligne


    + faire le mindmap de NATURAL DISASTERS (travail vérifié)


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