#48 – Monday , 19 th June 2017




    password= Cross the line!


    = dépasser les limites (-)




    slavery = esclavage




    The doogles were invented by a couple (Ken and Ronnie)


    it consists in protecting the dogs' eyes from the sun and


    prevent them from squinting. /skwɪnt/. It is a useless invention !




    Prevent from + V-ing = empêcher de


    squint = plisser des yeux


    useless = inutile


    useful = utile




    The perfume (fragrance) for dog is another stupid invention.


    It costs 70 dollars (bucks)


    bucks = balles












    The worst invention of the video is the Pet Rock. 


    It consists in taking care of a rock on a nest/bed of hay


    it costs 4 dollars and it's totally useless.




    Nest = nid


    hay = paille VS Straw = paille (pour boire)




    Methodology to understand a text:




    Step 1 – anticipation




    - Title


    - illustrations


    - legends


    - layout


    Step 2 – Read and focus on easy information:


    - transparent words (les mots qui ressemblent au français)


    - Names (capital letters)


    - dates and numbers


    Step 3 - context (catégorie grammaticale du mot + sens de la phrase)


    Step 4 – Composition/building of the word (mot composé + dérivé)


    Objective = WH-?





    Chindogu = asian word + asian font


    art = talent, aesthetic, technique, rules


    useless = useful, stupid, surprising


    inventions = breakthrough, creation, inspiration, innovation (new)






    dire à quoi consiste les 4 exemples de chindogu.


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