#46 – Friday , 16th June 2017




    password= look on the bright side


    = vois le bon côté des choses


    Bright VS dark




    1. The credit card

    2. The telephone

    3. The CD

    4. The dishwasher

    5. The plane



    Before the credit card people used to pay with change or checks. 


    Before the telephone people used to write letters or send pigeons. 


    Before the CD people used to listen to music with a walkman


    Before the dishwasher people used to wash the dish with their hands


    Before the plane people used to travel on a boat.



    Autrefois, je fumais la cigarette.


    Before I used to smoke cigarette.


    Avant, j'étais bête, puis j'ai rencontré M. Brot.


    Before I used to be stupid then I met Mr Brot


    Les gens ne partaient pas en vacances.


    People didn't use to go on holidays.


    Manon parlait sans cesse avec ses amis.


    Manon used to always chat with her friends.





    I am used to smoking every day morning with my coffee.


    S + BE + USED TO + V-ing = une habitude



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