• Inventions : lesson 1

    Tuesday, 10th June.




    The first television was invented by Baird in 1926


    The first elevator/lift was created by Otis in 1857


    The first fridge was created by Mellows in 1915.




    The saxophone was invented by A.J. Sax in 1846


    The revolver was invented by S. Colt in 1848


    The sewing-machine was created by E.M. Singer in 1857


    The dynamite was created by A. Nobel in 1866.


    The telephone was created by A. G. Bell in 1877
    The fountain pen was created by Lewis Waterman in 1884


    the pneumatic tyre was created by John Dunlop in 1888


    The razor blade was invented by Gillette in 1901




    The bicycle was created in 1818. Before, people used to walk or ride a horse.


    The light bulb was created in 1879. Before, people used to light with candles.




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