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    The video is a campaign by the British Red Cross.


    The objective is to warn teenagers about the dangers of alcohol.


    They want you to know first aid gestures.
    In the video there is a young girl at a party. She is having fun.


    She is drinking too much alcohol.


    Then she is sick and she faints/ collapses/ falls unconscious.


    On the left part of the split screen she's choking to death because


    of her vomit.


    On the right she's saved by her friend who puts her on side.


    She knew first aid.




    To warn = avertir/prévenir to choke= s'étouffer.


    first aid = Premiers secours to know=savoir


    to faint = tomber dans les pommes split screen= écran partagé


    to collapse = s'effondrer


    to fall unconscious = tomber inconscient.


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