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    1. Vous devez faire vos devoir!

    You must do your homework.

    1. tu devrais arrêter de fumer.

      You should stop smoking.

    2. Tu ne devrais pas trop boire

      you shouldn't drink too much.

    3. Tu ne dois pas parler en classe!

      You mustn't speak in class!

    4. On peut le faire!

      We can do it!

    5. Il ne peut pas boire de chocolat chaud

      He can't drink hot chocolate.

    6. Peut-elle venir?

      Can she come?


    Garden dangers sheet:


    The Front door is open. It is risky because a baby can be bumped into by a car. You should shut the front door.

    The pond is risky because a baby could drown in it. You should cover the pond.

    You should lock the door of the cabin because a baby could drink the poison.



    Quiz: Can you be safe?




    An injury is when you are hurt. There are normal injuries and serious injuries.

    The serious injuries are called EMERGENCIES.

    Ex: a cut, a burn, heart attack, a broken bone, etc...




    How to videos

    + practicing.

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