• Presentation + Unit I : Back to school


    Hi kids!

    Today we met for the first time and I explained to you the rules you have to respect in English Class.

    Then we began the new unit entitled: Back To School

    I gave you the following sheet:


    Download « crosswords »


    We did and corrected the crossword.

    Then, in chain speaking you asked a question to your classmate who had to answer you. Here is what we said:


    What have you got in your school bag?

    I have got a pencil and a rubber

    What has he got in his pencil case?

    He has a ruler

    What has she got in her school bag?

    She has a sheet of paper

    Then I gave you the following sheet:

    Download « Instructions»

    Thanks to this sheet you will understand my future instructions.

    Then we played the game "Simple Simon says"

    Finally you began the search word exercice.


    ✔     in my school bag :


    ➢    a book = un livre

    ➢    a copybook = un cahier

    ➢    a diary = un agenda

    ➢    a pencil case = une trousse

    ➢    a sheet of paper = une feuille de papier



    ✔     in my pencil case :


    ➢    a pen = un crayon

    ➢    a pencil = un crayon de papier

    ➢    a ruler = une règle

    ➢    a rubber = an eraser = une gomme

    ➢    glue = de la colle

    ➢    scissors = des ciseaux

    ➢    a pencil sharpener = un taille-crayon



    ✔     in the classroom :


    ➢    a desk = un bureau

    ➢    a table = une table

    ➢    a chair = une chaise

    ➢    the board = le tableau


    You must learn the new vocabulary and create your files.



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