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    Team A

    Ryan had a cut from broken glass when playing in a park.

    Danger for helper:

    broken glass

    what should you do to protect the helper?

    To protect him he should wear gloves.

    Ben has fallen off a bike on busy road with traffic.

    Danger for helper:

    A car could bump into you.

    What should you do?

    You should take the unconscious man out of the road.

    Team B:

    Jess has burnt herself with firework. Dropped firework still alight.

    Danger for the helper:

    He could burn himself

    what should you do?

    You should extinguish the firework.

    Team C:

    Dan has fallen out of a tree. Lying on the ground injured.


    Blood can infect you. A branch can fall onto you.

    You should wear gloves. Take then man far from the tree.


    Quizz: Can you stay safe?




    An injury is when you are hurt.

    You can have a burn, you can be scalded, have a broken bone, a cardiac arrest, a cut, etc.

    There are two types of injuries: normal injuries and serious ones which are called EMERGENCIES.



    apprendre definition injury

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