#16 Friday , October 19th 2018


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    Mieux vaut tard que jamais!




    Final pronunciation: Naim Vs Max






    Anticipation TEXT:


    Lesson 16


    Maybe the text is about the origins/ story of the painting painted


    by James Rosenquist in 1962.


    I suppose that the painting is about Marilyn.


    I assume that Rosenquist is a Pop artist.


    The painting is upside down. We can recognize the face of Marilyn even


    if it is mixed/shuffled. We can see parts of her face: a mouth, an eye, a nose, letters


    from her name.


    I think that the artist wants to show that Marilyn was very famous.


    Probably he wanted to criticize fame because Marilyn looks like a monster here (Frankenstein)


    perhaps the artist wanted to show that Marilyn was a mystery.






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