Fortune telling

    Tuesday, 16th June:




    the food supermarket in Bangalore is bigger and richer than


    the market in Mumbai.


    The traditional Indian dress is called a Sari.


    The traditional Indian dish is the chicken Tikka Massala


    The world famous building is the Taj Mahal.


    Gandhi is a famous non violent activist.




    The fortune teller tells the future thanks to Tarot cards.


    She foretells the future thanks to a crystal ball.


    She forecasts the future thanks to a speaking parrot.


    The fortune teller predicts the future thanks to tea leaves.


    She reads the future in the lines of the palm.






    A fortune teller = Une voyante


    fortune telling = la voyance


    thanks to = grâce à


    to foretell/to forecast/to predict


    a parrot = perroquet


    tea leaves = feuilles de thé (sing = leaf)
    palm of a hand = paume de la main




    An astrologer tells the future with the stars


    A numerologist foretells the fortune thanks to numbers.


    A palmist reads the lines of your hand.


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