#47 – Friday , 16 th June 2017




    password= Look on the bright side


    = vois le bon côté des choses!


    Bright VS dark






    tiny animal


    it looks ugly whereas our cartoons looked very cute and looked like real bears


    it doesn't look like a bear but rather like a microb.


    The Tardigrade is the scientific name of the Water Bear


    It's the most extreme animal on earth.


    It has four pairs of legs. It sucks the juice of lychens


    It is tougher /tʌf/  than a grizzli bear.


    When conditions are tough the water bear shrinks to survive.


    It is more resistant than a human because it can bear/stand high


    and low temperature and radiations.




    Look + adjective = paraître + adjectif


    Look like + N = ressembler à


    rather = plutôt


    tough = résistant / dur / difficile


    shrink = rétrécir


    can bear/stand = supporter


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