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    mini me=


    password= Reach for the stars


    = viser la lune / être ambitieux







    Correction of the video




    The scene takes place in Friern Barnett School. It's an Arts school


    Amy, Alice and Adam are filming/recording a youtube video about their school.


    They are wearing school uniforms.


    Adam's favourite days are monday and tuesday because he has got French and Arts.


    The French room is at the first floor, so they go upstairs.


    Amy loves History whereas/while Alice doesn't like History because it is boring.


    Chemistry class starts at 11 o'clock so they have only 5 minutes left because it is 10:50.


    Finally they go to the music class.




    To film / to record = filmer / enregistrer


    to wear = porter (un vêtement)


    favourite /'feiv.rit/


    first floor = premier étage


    upstairs/downstars = en haut/bas des escaliers


    whereas / while /ai/ = alors que / tandis que


    boring = ennuyeux


    to start = commencer


    chemistry = chimie


    5 minutes left = il reste 5 mn










    REMINDER: exprimer le goût




    I like football <3


    he likes football <3




    I don't like pizza </3


    He doesn't like video games </3




    I love English class <3<3


    He loves Mr Brot's class <3<3


    I don't love/hate hamburgers


    He doesn't love / hates French fries.




    Homework: monday 12th


    Ecrire 6 phrases sur les goûts (+/-) en utilisant le vocabulaire des disciplines scolaires


    (ex: Spanish, History, etc.)










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