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    #6 Thursday, September 13th 2018


    mm= valentin


    Password: Easy peasy (lemon squeezy)


    = fastoche!




    Step - Assumptions:


    who? I suppose that there are 3 characters: 1 boy


    and two girls


    Where? I assume that the scene takes place in Barnet school.


    When? I think that the scene takes place at 8 am.


    What about?


    Maybe it is about the A-club


    perhaps there is a problem


    probably Amy lost her shoes!




    Exprimer la supposition:




    Maybe/probably/ perhaps




    I suppose that ...


    I assume that...


    I think that...




    Il y a: THERE IS/ARE (sing/plur)


    There is a dog


    there are two dogs




    homework: wednesday 19th


    apprendre la leçon


    savoir exprimer l'hypothèse


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