#48 – Monday , 19 th June 2017




    password= Cross the line


    = dépasser les bornes




    Je t'aime = I love you


    elle nous aime = She loves us


    Vous les aimez (elles ou ils) = You love them


    tu les aimes (à elles) = You love them


    il l'aime (à elle)= He loves her


    elle l'aime (à lui) = She loves him


    Il (le chien) l'aime (son os) = It loves it




    • WS: verbes de goûts forme interrogative.




    Do they like videogames?


    Do you hate the rain?


    Does Rebecca (she) love the film?


    Does his dog (it) like running in the garden




    Mary loves dancing.


    Mary likes sleeping


    Mary doesn't like/dislikes playing football


    Mary hates cooking.






    Est-ce que tu aimes aller à la montagne (moutain)?


    Do you like going to the moutain?


    Non, je déteste ça!


    No, I hate this/it! 


    Aimez vous manger des cookies?


    Do you like eating cookies?


    Oh oui! Nous adorons ça et nous aimons les cuisiner!


    Oh yes we do! We love it and we like cooking them!


    Aiment-elles Star wars?


    Do they like Star Wars?


    Non, elles n'aiment pas ce film


    No, they dislike/don't like this film


    Aime-t-il la nature?


    Does he like nature?


    Oui, il adore marcher dans la forêt. (forest)


    Yes, he loves walking in the forest.




    Homework: Apprendre la leçon par coeur!


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