• je comprends une video d'agents secrets


    # 17 – Thursday , October 17th 2017




    password: trick or treat?


    = des bonbons ou un sort?




    Group 1




    secret agent, bad boy, friend


    bad military


    in the future: gadgets.


    Helicopter + airport


    weinstein company. Rider = expert martial arts.




    Group 2


    there are much people


    agent secret


    in london (secret places)


    prepare operation Stormbreaker


    experince training.


    Alex = best agent.


    Begin the training


    uncover the mystery


    master the technology


    rock music


    alarms, laughter, explosion


    trailer movie.




    Group 3:


    alex rider + a woman and a man


    scene takes place in london because of the monuments


    operation in london. Alex = spy


    action movie.




    Group 4 : 11


    old man and a girl. Secret agent = alex


    London = gherkin.


    Trailer of an action movie


    mysterious and action music.




    Group 5:


    music = mystery + suspense + action


    3 men one girl


    explosions : helicopter , motorbikes, cars


    action trailer


    lots of characters. Nowadays


    In london -gherkin


    beginning = life before is transformed into a spy


    selected for biggest operation


    best spy kid of the world.




    Group 6: 15


    trailer (supposition


    mystery, action music


    3 men and 1 girl


    helicopter and guns


    main character = alex rider




    london = gherkin


    trailer action movie


    spy: child first


    interview: speaks french japanese and english.




    Group 7:




















    Alex was trained during all his childhood


    to become a spy. He is now ready to discover


    the truth of his destiny/fate! He is going to a


    training boot camp to improve his skills.




    To train = s'entrainer childhood=enfance.


    Spy = agent secret truth= vérité fate= destin


    boot camp = un camp d'entrainement


    to improve = améliorer


    skills = compétences.




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