• Je comprends une vidéo sur les agents secrets


    # 17 – Thursday , October 19th 2017




    password: trick or treat?!


    = des bonbons ou un sort?!




    Magic trick.




    The film is about Alex Rider a teenagers who discovers the truth


    about his childhood. His uncle Ian Rider trained him in order to/


    so as to/ to become a spy/secret agent.


    The MI6's boss thinks he is ready so he wants him to work for him.


    His uncle was kidnapped or killed so Alex must uncover the mystery


    and help his uncle.


    The truth = la vérité childhood= enfance


    uncover= discover in order to/so as to / to + BV= but, objectif


    want someone to BV = vouloir que qqn fasse qqch


    homework: apprendre le texte + vocab




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