• Je sais décrire une action au présent

    # 22 – Tuesday , November 14th 2017


    password= that's gross!

    C'est dégueu / dégoutant


    the documents are photos / stills taken from action movies.

    In picture 1 we can see James Bond. He is running in the streets

    of London. In picture 2 there are 2 kids who are running away/

    escaping from an explosion. In picture 1, in the background we

    can see cars and cabs whereas/while in picture 2 there are

    helicopters/choppers in the sky. They are chasing after the kids.


    A photo/ a photograph = une photo

    a photographer = un photographe

    Photography = la photographie (art)

    to run away = escape from = s'enfuir/ s'échapper.

    Chopper = helicopter

    to chase after = poursuivre

    in the background = en arrière plan

    in the foreground = au premier plan

    whereas/while = alors que/ tandis que


    Je sais décrire une action au présent



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