• Je sais décrire une image d'un film

    # 33 – Tuesday , December 12th 2017


    password= easier said than done



    • Your objective is to do the description of the following picture. Make suppositions about what the characters are doing.
    • Je sais décrire une image d'un film

    • To help you, you can do the following activity to learn some vocabulary.

    • This can help you make suppositions:

    To make predictions / express uncertainty

    1/ Adverbs:

    Maybe / perhaps / probably


    2/ Modals : S + aux. Modal + BV

    ex: I CAN fly = je sais voler

    les modaux pour la prédiction:

    90% = It MUST rain in London

    50% It MAY rain in London

    20% It MIGHT [ai] rain in London

    3/ I suppose / think / assume (that) ....



    • Now, you must create the mindmap about DRAGONS.




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