• je sais dire l'heure

    # 22 – Monday , November 13th 2017


    password= So far so good

    jusqu'ici tout va bien!



    Ema loves her new school!

    Now, she lives near / next to her new school.

    So, she walks to school every morning.

    She doesn't take the bus.


    Every morning Ema gets up at half past seven

    Her I.T. teacher organizes an I.T. challenge every year

    Paul takes the bus at twenty to eight every morning

    The new cook cooks pastas every monday.

    They are lucky!

    Ema must wear a skirt: she doesn't like it!


    To get up = se lever

    I.T. = information technology = informatique*

    to cook = cuisiner

    a cook = un cuisinier

    a cooker = la cuisinière (objet)


    every monday/morning/year = exprime une fréquence

    every = tous les/chaque


    • video: telling the time


    je sais dire l'heure


    savoir parler des routines de Ema et paul

    revoir la vidéo / dessin pour dire l'heure.


    Il est 8:15

    il est 10 heures

    il est 5:55

    il est 11: 40




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