• Je sais énumérer des évènements


    # 10– friday, September 29th 2017




    password: awesome


    = génial




    adam + late + sister + bathroom


    adam late alarm


    adam + miss + bus


    adam + schoolbag + forget


    adam + forget + homework


    amy + adam + alice


    adam late again


    adam problem morning


    adam's sister is in the bathroom


    first, after, then, finally/eventually








    The scene takes place in Friern Barnet school in London.


    There are 4 characters:


    2 pupils (Amy and Adam)


    1 Teacher (Mrs.)


    1 headteacher (Mr Wilson)


    The scene takes place in the morning.


    Adam is always late whereas/while Amy is always on time.


    Adam had lots of problem:


    First, his alarm didn't ring. Then, his sister was in the bathroom.


    So he ran and missed [mist] his bus. After, he walked to school but


    it rained. Eventually/finally he was drenched!




    Pour énumérer on utilise:


    First .....










    so = donc walk = marcher.


    drenched = trempé


    ring = sonner


    miss = râter/manquer






    apprendre la leçon par coeur: savoir énumérer et parler des problèmes




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