• Je sais parler d'une vidéo


    #11 – Monday, October 2nd 2017


    password: cry me a river


    = tu peux toujours pleurer!





    presentation of the videos in groups.







    There are three main characters: Adam, Alice and Amy.


    They are recording a Youtube video.


    They are introducing themselves.


    Adam is 13 (years old) [AGE]. He's sporty,lazy and artistic.


    [hobbies]. He has got one sister and a twin brother, Luke.




    Amy is 14 and she loves tap dancing and drawing. She's shy.




    Main= principal record=enregistrer


    sporty = sportif lazy= paresseux


    twin = jumeau tap dacing= claquettes


    drawing = dessin shy = timid






    savoir parler de la vidéo (apprendre le vocabulaire)


    apprendre les membres de la famille par coeur.








    « Cry me a riverje sais parler de la video + énumérer une liste + je connais la prononciation du -ED »

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