• Je sais parler d'une vidéo sur les agents secrets et leur mission


    # 18 – Friday , October 20th 2017




    password: cross your fingers / fingers crossed [t]


    = croisons les doigts!




    Alex was raised by his uncle Ian Rider. Probably he lost


    his parents.


    Alex discovers he was trained by his uncle in order to/


    so as to/ to become a spy with many gadgets such as


    a modified Nintendo DS which is actually a bug finder.


    He also has got a fountain pen which enables him to


    control people. He can make the pilot do what he wants.


    The MI6 wants him to investigate on his uncle's death because


    he was too close to uncover the truth.


    Alex will find out what happened to him!




    Raise a child= élever un enfant in order to/so as to/ to + BV= expression du but


    pour, afin de, dans le but de...


    actually= en fait, en réalité enable someone to + BV= permettre à qqn de faire qqch


    make someone do something = faire faire qqch à qqn investigate= enquêter


    to be close to= être près de uncover= discover= find out happen= se passer




    homework: apprendre la leçon par coeur!



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