• Je sais parler d'une vidéo sur un agent secret


    #18 – Friday, October 20th 2017




    password: cross you fingers!


    = croisons les doigts!




    Nature of the document:


    the document is a trailer/teaser for the film Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker.


    Alex Rider is a teenager raised by his uncle Ian Rider. During his childhood, he was


    trained by him in order to/so as to/ to become a spy.


    His uncle Ian investigated on Darius Sayle about the Stormbreaker, a sophisticated personal computer.


    He was too close to discover/uncover the truth. He is missing now: maybe he is dead or kidnapped.


    So Alex wants to find out where is his uncle!


    He has got many gadgets such as a bug finder, a fountain pen to control enemies...




    trailer= une bande annonce raise a child= élever un enfant childhood= enfance


    investigate= enquêter be close to = être près de discover/uncover/find out= découvrir


    truth= la vérité missing= disparu bug finder= un détecteur de micros.


    In order to / so as to / to + BV = exprime le but (afin de, pour, dans le but de)



    apprendre la leçon et le vocabulaire par coeur


    « Je sais parler d'une vidéo sur les agents secrets et leur mission »

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