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    #11 – Monday, October 2nd 2017




    password: cry me a river


    = tu peux toujours pleurer!




    The scene takes place at school in the morning.


    Both Amy and Adam are late.


    Amy is always on time while/whereas Adam is always


    late. = contrary to Amy, Adam is never on time.


    Adam had troubles/problems:


    First, his alarm didn't ring and his sister was in the




    Then he ran and missed [mist] the bus so he walked


    to school but it rained.


    Finally/ eventually he was drenched.




    Both = tous les deux on time = à l'heure


    while/whereas = alors que


    first= d'abord / then= alors / eventually = finalement


    drenched= trempé




    prononciation du -ED


    [d] = loved, killed


    [t] = drenched, walked, missed


    [id] = created, interested






    apprendre la leçon + vocabulaire par coeur.




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