• Je sais supposer grâce aux modaux


    #7 – Friday September 22nd 2017




    password: Yummy ! Nom Nom


    = miam miam




    • today we redid the test.




    We learned how to express suppositions with modals




    exprimer des suppositions avec des modaux:


    S + Modal + BV


    must = 90%


    may = 50%


    might = 20%




    There MUST be 3 characters.


    S + Mod. + BV + C






    Probably Amy, Alice and Adam are best friends.


    There are maybe 8 characters in the video.




    I assume that the scene takes place in a house.


    What about?


    I suppose that the video is about a club of best friends.






    savoir exprimer une supposition avec un auxilaire modal


    finir les exercices (transformer les phrases)


    « Je sais utiliser les auxiliaires modaux pour supposerI'm chilling out »

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